A game-based assessment for struggling readers that complements Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s reading software.


A collaborative board game for early career teachers to learn classroom management skills.

Collaborative Video

A tool that enhances YouTube videos, enabling users to use the videos to learn English together remotely.

Morning Booster

A project-based unit for 5th graders on concepts, procedures and dispositions for design thinking.


Digital and analog tools for documenting work and visualizing student learning in projects.


An algorithm for teachers to form student groupings based on a desired level of diversity across multiple factors.

Learn Mandarin

An e-learning module that utilizes evidence-based learning principles, instructional design and A/B testing.

How Teachers Use Twitter

User research for an edtech company. Observations of how teachers support each other through Twitter.

Our World

An educational video series serving as a resource for teaching about global cultures.