Intelligent Tutoring Systems (2017) is an interactive software program for learning English idioms, built with CTAT.  A user engaging with the program must type the right word in the correct place to complete the idiom.  The tutor will give him feedback specific his action, which is a step above simply telling them if they are wrong or right.  Mass-producing allowed me to create 20 problems from a single template.

Our World (2017) is the first educational video in a series that introduces students to countries around the world.  They are produced in equal collaboration between people from those countries, myself and my partner Olga Nikulina.

Map App (2016) shows a prototype of an original learning game for adult English Language Learners in  development, which I made while taking a MOOC called The Design and Development of Games for Learning through MITx/edX.

Soccer Team Project (2014) is an original social studies unit for 6th grade English Language Learners.

Teacher Urges (2016) is the result of a project for TeachersConnect, for which I analyzed different reasons teachers take to Twitter.