Our World videos are an instructional resource for middle and high school social studies educators teaching global cultures.


  • The narrator speaks about a country s/he has personally experienced.
  • The narrator speaks in one of that country’s one of its languages.
  • Visuals such as videos and photos are layered on top of the monologue to illustrate the narrator’s main ideas and, sometimes, in an attempt to be funny and memorable.


Spring 2015:  I was a 6th grade social studies teacher.  A friend from Vietnam agreed to make the first video, which I showed to my students.  The video provided a way for my students to talk about differences between cultures.  As opposed to an academic, high-level view of Vietnam, the students learned about Vietnamese values and were encouraged to see the world when they got a chance.

September 2016: I attended Startup Weekend Education in Providence, Rhode Island, with the intent of pitching Our World to other attendees.  It gathered enough interest for a team to be formed.  I took a leadership role in presentation, conducting user research (including teachers and students), and talking with experienced mentors.  The final pitch for Our World was met with enthusiasm by the judges.

March – April 2017: I attended a series of workshops at LearnLaunch educational technology accelerator and incubator in Boston, gaining helpful feedback from entrepreneurs and experts.  They pushed me to record videos with different “models,” which I will show to teachers in the future to ascertain what would be most useful to them.

May 2017 – present: I recorded a dialogue video.  This could be more or less engaging to students than the first model, which was a monologue.  I intend on experimenting with other models and asking teachers for feedback on what they think works best.

My role is behind-the-scenes: contacting participants, assisting with brainstorming monologues, and video-editing.