Design Challenge


Our clients, one middle school English teacher and one middle school technology teacher, came to us because they wanted their students to make portfolios.  Keeping in mind their overall goal, we explored their needs further through interviews, and designed prototypes that investigated how students create portfolio pieces.  Finally, we synthesized the information from these prototyping sessions and designed a product that would help students make portfolios, and assist teachers in supporting their students in the process.

Phase 1: Research

During the research phase, we…

  • interviewed four experts who created sophisticated portfolios
  • read articles and book chapters about portfolios

which led us to a greater understanding of the portfolio making process.

Then we conducted exploratory, semi-structured interviews with our clients and found..

  • they want their students to take ownership over their own documentation
  • they value portfolios for different reasons – one being the improvement of work through peer feedback, the other