Author: rogerstrang

e-Learning Module

Here is a link to my e-learning module


An interactive narrative for struggling readers who use Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s System 44 personalized reading software, and the capstone project for the MS in Educational Technology and Applied Learning Science at CMU.

Student Grouping Algorithm

A program automating a lengthy task teachers must do frequently.

Morning Booster

A project-based unit for 5th graders on concepts, procedures and dispositions in the domain of Design


Digital and analog tools for implementing portfolios in K12 classrooms

Learn Mandarin

An e-learning module that tested the efficacy of a learning principle through A/B testing

Intelligent Tutoring System

A personalized learning tool for getting acquainted with English idioms

Our World

An educational video series serving as a resource for teaching about global cultures

How Teachers Use Twitter

Research for an educational technology company